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Down in thePits

Ok, ok, so I haven't shared anything on here for quite some time. Part of that is due to the fact that I am pretty sure no one actually reads my posts. However, I must say, I believed in the tooth fairy long past when it was deemed socially acceptable to do so. Hence, I am still hopeful that someone out there might benefit from my ramblings. "Down in the Pits" refers to the Twitter phenomenon known as #PitMad. In case you are unaware of it (as I was for several months) it is a sort of literary cattle call. Four times a year on designated dates writers pitch their works in 280 characters or less. Supposedly, interested agents will peruse them and if one of them likes your pitch by clicking on the heart icon, you may contact the agent by querying them through the proper channels. Many of you (Did I say many? Who am I kidding, here? I would be lucky if one, uno, a single human, besides myself, ever even glances at this!) are probably already aware of this online event but if you would like more detailed info, check out this site- The thing is, it provides a degree of exposure that you many not otherwise have access to. You also get to peek at what other writers are working on and it can be pretty inspiring. One of the problems with this frenzied event is what happens when you don't receive a response from anyone. The day after #PitMad a lot of writers are out there second guessing themselves and feeling worse than the last guy to be picked for a sand lot baseball team. My advice, as an unpublished author, is not to go digging around for a white flag to wave. Each time I have participated in #PitMad, I have had better responses. The first go-around, I had none, then one, and this last time I had three. So see? Never say never. I only hope that I haven't jinxed anything here so I will be knocking on wood for the remainder of the day! Well good luck to all of you who have characters to birth, stories to tell, and lives to change! My best to you, and all hail the Tooth Fairy!


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