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ICING ON THE TAKE is a 95,500 word work of fiction, a cross-over combo of mystery, woman’s fiction, and thriller with a comedic twist. The inspiration for it was an actual crime that occurred in the 1980’s in London involving the theft of the Marlborough Diamond, which, to this date, has never been recovered.


Libby Harper is fierce as hell…sometimes. 

A divorcee going on three years, she is determined to weather whatever storms fate has in store, without the help of a man. 

As a curator for the Museum of Lost Arts, Libby is always on the hunt for interesting finds. When she picks up a valuable piece of jewelry at a yard sale in a neighborhood that was once populated by members of the Italian mob, her life is turned upside down. The necklace serves as a magnet for some pretty bad luck and some equally bad company.

As Libby struggles to unravel the identity of her pursuers, several attempts are made on her life. Intent on becoming her own hero, she meets a mysterious IT guy whose intentions confuse and confound her.

In a tale that begins in Chicago and ends in London, Libby learns that we are all just one impulsive act away from discovering who we truly are and in the end how we must deal with the consequences. 

Reader Review

"Icing on the Take" is a fun, fast romp through the mysterious world of jewelry, art and the underworld of Chicago's mafia. A perfect read for those looking for  intrigue, suspense and a touch of romance. Libby Harper is a character worth rooting for!"

Kathi A. - Alpha Reader

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